Attractions Amsterdam

As one of the most prominent cities on the most cosmopolitan parts of the world, it’s no surprise that Amsterdam is absolutely loaded with great attractions and things to do. The city is so vast in terms of what it has to offer you that it can be really hard to just pick the right things to do throughout the day; thankfully, with the city in front of you, you will have so much choice so it’s all about just planning things right.

So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration on how to enjoy the city to its very fullest, here are just some of the best attractions that you might want to look into visiting;

Oude Kerk

This picturesque little church is one of the finest parts of architecture in the city, and has some lovely little houses just stuck to the side of it for effect. It’s a nice little change of pace from the usually frenetic Red Light District, and its Gothic interior can really add a nice bit of effect to the overall experience.

Dam Square

As you might imagine, the Dam Square is one of the absolute must-visit sections of the city. It’s got true heart and style and really represents everything that you would expect to see in Amsterdam. It’s well worth taking the time out to go and visit a truly extraordinary part of the city as you’ll really get to see stunning Dutch architecture at play.


This is a rather narrow passageway that leads you by old architecture through a resplendent garden environment. It belongs in with the most poetic and beautiful of the attractions throughout the city, and ensures that you get to see a truly amazing work of Dutch quality and architecture. The large medieval church in the centre is truly worth going to see.

Magere Brug

As one of the 1,200+ bridges in the city of Amsterdam, this is one of the most commonly visited. It’s drawbridge style is truly awesome, a real throwback to an older time, and you’ll get to see it opening up three times per hour just to let boats pass through.

Although this is just a small part of the attractions, each of these should be well worth checking out if you are not sure where to start with the various attractions that you can find littered throughout the city.