Clubs in Amsterdam

As mentioned in our nightlife and clubs section, the style of nightclubs throughout this great city are so incredibly varied it can become a bit of a burden just finding the right place for your own tastes and styles! The world of dancing and having fun in Amsterdam is one of its true proponents, so it can be nice to dance the night away if you are spending some time here and are looking for a good way to have some fun!

Not sure where to get started looking for nightclubs? Then these selections should be all that you need to get the best night out that you possibly can;

Club Up

This might be a bit more tucked away than the usual vibrant nature of a nightclub, but this Liedseplein club can be the perfect way to give yourself something truly unique and right up the alleyway in terms of the traditional Amsterdam experience. You’ll find that things like Kiss Escort parties are taking place, as well as fantastic two floor DJ booths that let you truly enjoy yourself for the entire night.


Found within the old factory that created the Trouw newspaper, this has been transformed into a vibrant clubbing venue. The large concrete walls and industrial lighting might not seem like the usual setting for a nightclub, but it can be the perfect way to keep yourself moving in the right direction in terms of finding a night club that has plenty of life and character about it. We love the clubbing scene in Amsterdam, and we especially love the rather archaic Trouw.


A massive cultural scene, it’s a massive part of the old-school music scene of Amsterdam and has helped to become a massive part of the music scene. With the freedom to enjoy a smoke and cheap booze pretty much available on tap, you can get yourself into the condition that you deem worthy of a good night without having to break too much sweat! Massively underground in terms of who goes there, this is a massive part of the dubstep and acid house scene.


With more than two decades of experience in handling some of the best nights in the entire city, this club carries a reputation that you can easily understand when you take your first steps inside. It’s all about freedom and expression, so you can really let yourself run wild!