History of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has a truly unique history, which runs as one of the most important stories within Dutch tradition; without the city of Amsterdam, things would be very different for everyone. Although the city itself is based outside the central seat of government within the Netherlands, The Hague, it’s still one of the most prominent sections of the Dutch culture. At the time of writing, the city has a population of over 800,000, with massive amounts of people arriving every single year to visit the city proper and it’s amazing surrounding areas.

If you are intending on visiting Amsterdam, then it can help to know the history of the city as it can be a unique place to visit if you aren’t sure of what to expect. The name itself derives from Amstelredamme, because the city runs alongside the river Amstel. Its origins a a city, though, go all the way back to the 12th Century when it was just a fishing village. Over the course of time, it developed to become one of the most important ports in the entire world, and as a flagship for the Dutch Empire who wished to show the rest of the world what they had to offer.

By the 17th Century, and the Dutch Golden Age, it became a mainstay within global trade and development of the world of trading in particular. It became an especially large city in diamonds, which at the time were rather rare commodities within Europe. The original canals that run through the city have been the focal point for building out over the years, as the city has grown massively from the 17th century until now.

However, the city has always played a key role within the Dutch economy; from its humble beginnings as a fishing port, it has been associated with trade for as long as history can really suggest. Add in the fact that the city is a massive host of cultural commodities within Dutch culture, though, and it’s easy to see how Amsterdam can play such a key role within Dutch culture and their way of life.

The history of the city is built upon trade and progression; few cities can look at their history and say that they made steady and sustained progress quite like Amsterdam has – it’s a real example of what a city can become with the right community spirit.