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Hotels Amsterdam

As you might be aware, Hotels Amsterdam is one of the most commonly visited cities in Europe by tourists from all walks of life. As a city, it’s one of the most important in Dutch culture as well as their economy. To make sure that everyone who comes the city can have the perfect experience the city is loaded with brilliant hotels that you can pick from. This is one of the most beneficial parts of staying in Amsterdam; in terms of accommodation, you have more choice than you could have possibly hoped for waiting for you in very street and area.


If you are trying to find a quality hotel to stay in, then you’ll be happy to know that the capital plays host to various hotels of varying costs, styles and sizes. From the large luxury hotels to the swanky boutique equivalents waiting for you, getting quality accommodation in Amsterdam can be a really easy thing to do. Here are just some of the best hotels that you might wish to consider, but be sure to look for hotels under the following terms, too;


  • Cheap Amsterdam hotels
  • Family hotels
  • Historical hotels
  • Boutique hotels
  • Luxury hotels


Andaz Amsterdam

The Andaz is one of the most popular hotels in the whole country, as it’s the first and only hotel across the entire world that gives you a live video art collection to look at whilst you stay there. With international artworks from 40 different artists, you can enjoy a cultural exhibition whilst you wait for breakfast or are signing in to your hotel. The Andaz is very much worth checking out because of its swanky nature, but it can be a big pricey so make sure you are packing some extra cash if you use the Andaz!

The College

The College Hotel can be found where the name might imply; an old-school education facility. The building is mirrored to look just like this, giving it a very eccentric and somewhat aristocratic feeling and nature. If you want to experience the qualities of a hotel in Amsterdam that carries the architecture and culture of the city, this is one to check out.



Also known as The Grand, this is the perfect choice for those who want an all-inclusive effort. With a bar, a café, a spa, a game, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and treatment centres The Grand is a truly premium selection. As you can imagine, staying at a hotel like this can be quite expensive but you will be able to pick from 177 luxury rooms, with 52 suited in total to choose from.


Keep in mind that hotels break down even more than this list implies, and there are hundreds to pick from across the entire city. If you want to make sure that you truly enjoy yourself when you are spending time here in Amsterdam, you’ll need to find the best accommodation possible so make sure you browse around for something that fits your budget and typical price range.