Museums Amsterdam


As a city rich with culture and deep with its incredibly history and style, it’s no surprise that Amsterdam plays host to many beautiful museums. This is a part of the city that deserves almost uniform recognition, as it has played a massive role in ensuring that the city looks just as it should whilst helping tourist sand youngsters learn about the cities amazing history.

The vast majority of the museums that you wish to visit are going to be found within the Plantage section of the city. Because it’s so large, you will find that Amsterdam is split up into various sections – so if you are looking to find out the culture and history of the city you might want to come to the Plantage to get yourself the kind of education that you desire. You’ll find that it’s a neighbourhood full of greenery and friendship, making it incredibly easy to blend in with the world around you whilst you walk from museum to museum.

Here are just some of the best museums to make sure that you come and visit – you’ll find that these are some of the finest selections in the city;


This is one of the largest museums in the world and when you first walk in the doors it will be quite easy to see why! With an almost unparalleled collection of art, paintings and collections that come across history you’ll find it really easy to be blown away by what awaits you inside this amazing museum.

It was modernised realised and looks truly amazing – it’s one of the finest museums around with an awesome variety in terms of what is on show.

Anne Frank House

This is well worth checking out, as it’s one of the most prominent parts of history during the Second World War. It is at this very famous section that Anne Frank wrote her diaries, and you can find out all about the house and finally put everything together as many war enthusiasts would always have wanted to.

Van Gogh Museum

Another massive part of Dutch culture, the VG Museum is hugely interesting from various points of view. It’s filled with amazing architecture from around the world, as well as the collection of the one and only Van Gogh himself. This is well worth looking into if you are a big fan of art, otherwise you might find more benefit in all of the other various pieces that are stored in here.

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk is well worth visiting if you want to see contemporary art at it’s very finest. It was modernised in 2012 and now plays host to more than 50,000 paintings of truly stunning repute. In terms of design and style, few other museums can come close as it offers you such a rich style to pick from in comparison to many of its contemporaries. Objects and items adorn the walls and tables within, letting you get a first-glance look at some truly inspiring artwork.