Nightlife Amsterdam

No doubt you will be aware that the city of Amsterdam comes with a truly epic nightlife, one which can really be unrivaled across the world for its vibrancy and unique style. Rather than let yourself get caught up in the nature of the city and end up missing out on the wild nights that you can have, this guide can help you find the best parts of the Amsterdam nightlight that will suit your personality the best.

As a city of true diversity and cultural acceptance, Amsterdam is a location that allows people to express themselves and find something that really represents the culture and morals that they stand for. This is hard to find as most cities are fairly uniform with their style and cultures, so Amsterdam can be an incredible opportunity for you to just try out something else and get to witness various cultures and styles.

The city itself is loaded with things to do at night; it’s not all about drinking and partying! Here are some suggestions for things to do at night in Amsterdam that might just take your fancy and be a truly enjoyable experience for you;

Go Clubbing

As you might imagine, the clubbing scene here is pretty impressive; you’ll be able to find a well varied selection of clubs to check out that cover every kind of atmosphere and style imaginable .whatever you are into, you’ll find all manner of useful things to do that can be a truly enjoyable experience.

Coffee Shops

Of course, it would be rude not to mention one of the biggest parts of Amsterdam culture – the coffees shops. You can buy drugs in these stores legally, so make sure that you only buy what you are looking for from the legal sources; doing otherwise can land you in the cells!


At night, the adult museums come alive such as the Erotic Museum and the Sex Museum locations throughout the city. These explore this adult work in a whole new level of detail and can be a great source of information for you!

Whether you want to check out places like The Sugar Factory or Paradiso, or you want something a little more erotic for the night, Amsterdam won’t let you down. It’s the perfect way to spend your night as the options are so varied – it could be a drink, it could be a dance!