Parks in Amsterdam

As a city with so much history and style to it, there is no surprise that the city is surrounded with beautiful wildlife and parks. It makes it a lot easier to get used to the city and its beautiful charm and style. In total there are more than 30 parks across the city, but you can make it so much easier on yourself just by visiting a few of the most popular parks. This lets you get a real understanding and appreciation for the parks in Amsterdam, and the culture of the city as a whole. If you want to see what Amsterdam can offer you in terms of beautiful natural parks to visit, try out any of the following for size;


Vondelpark is a popular choice for those who want to go for a little walk and enjoy themselves. It’s the largest public park in the city itself and sees more than 8m visitors every single year alone. It’s a huge tourist destination and will give you a chance to see some local talent strut their stuff at the free concerts that are held there throughout the year.


This is another popular part of the city as it hosts the awesome Rieker Mill which was built in 1636. This is a piece of national history so seeing it up and close like this can be really fun for those who enjoy Dutch culture and history. The park itself is massive and gives you plenty of space for recreational activities like sports and even horse riding! The rose gardens and rhododendron walks are the perfect way to pass your time in this amazing city.

Bos Park

This woodland park is well worth visiting for anyone who wants to see something truly natural. The large recreational area in the entire city, this was a community project launched in the 1930s to help reduce city unemployment. The result was an amazing exhibition of natural beauty that really lets you see just how stunning Amsterdam is even away from the hustle and bustle of the city itself.


This is a really useful solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a park that’s found right in the heart of the de Pijp district. This is one of the most comfortable places to visit and is surrounded by cafes and snack bars that help you stay refreshed and in high spirits.