Transport in Amsterdam

Getting to Amsterdam is one of the easiest things to do out there; as one of the major European hubs, it’s a brilliant place to visit since the options for travelling there are so varied. You can get cheap flights to and from Amsterdam with ease so if you are looking to visit this truly amazing city you might want to consider arriving at the Airport City of Schiphol – it’s the main city in Amsterdam and can be a solid solution for getting you to and from the city.

Of course, getting around is quite a different thing; you need to be prepared to look around for the best transport options that are available to you. if you aren’t sure of where to travel around or the best way to do so, here are some of the most commonly used transport methods within Amsterdam;


The railway is the most commonly used format, and will let you fly around from section to section with relative ease. Train stations are quite common throughout the city so you can get around easily just by using the public railway system.


GVB provide local transport through the city via bus and metro systems, making it nice and easy to get around. They also provide trams so if you want to take a more scenic route around the city you can do so by just hopping on and buying a ticket!


Of course, a bus can be a nice way to travel around as well as they provide you with easy ways to get you into the heart of the city or into the suburbs


Cycling is a massive part of Amsterdam and makes getting around easy – for just €8/day, you can rent yourself a nice bike to get around very quickly. Cycling is without a doubt the most common way to get around and is regularly seen as a way of life for some.


Of course, like any other city, you can always take the taxi! Taxis are found all across the city with hubs in Dam Square and Central Station making it nice and easy to get around with absolute ease. Instead of wasting time trying to find a public transport section, why not just get a taxi to get you around?

Transport in Amsterdam is nice and varied, making it really easy to get around and enjoy yourself!